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Ellen, Daisy’s mother, and Elsa, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Nurse, Cambridge University Hospitals
Ellen’s baby, Daisy, when she was two months old

Ellen and Daisy's Story


She was very premature. When she was 10 days old, ANTS (Acute Neonatal Transfer Service) ambulance came and collected her, drove her back to Addenbrooke’s and here we stayed for the next four months… I think she met half the doctors in the hospital and all the nurses!
But I had this immense feeling of guilt that so much care and money was spent on this one child and that so many children don’t have this opportunity. So when Elsa, who was her nurse, went for a week in Botswana while we were in the unit and came back telling all these wonderful tales of her time there, we thought that actually this is a great way that we can say a partial thank you to everybody.
The children in Botswana don’t get the care that Daisy gets and it was clear that we wanted to say thank you to the staff here. The staff were appreciating their chance to go to Botswana or somewhere else in the world, so this seemed a way to say thank you both to the staff and also to help others in our situation.

That’s why we made the donation. We’re extremely grateful.



Grateful parent and CGHP supporter

Our Impact

A Social Return on Investment analysis estimated that our global health partnerships can deliver social benefits nearly 10 times greater than the project cost. [1]

It costs approximately £1,500 to organise a one-week volunteer visit from Cambridge to a low- or middle-income partner country – or a visit by one of our partners to Cambridge. The highly-skilled health professionals who volunteer on our projects provide many times that value through training and knowledge sharing, as well as gaining significant learning through their experiences, which would not be possible if they stayed in the UK.

The feedback we receive is overwhelmingly positive: 97% of our volunteers would recommend international volunteering to friends and colleagues. [2]

Thank you for supporting our work and helping us build global health partnerships safely, effectively, and ethically.

[1] Based on a Social Return on Investment analysis of the El Salvador Cambridge Health Partnership work focussing on improving maternal and neonatal services. The social return on investment for partners in El Salvador was estimated at nearly 10 to 1; for the NHS it was 7 to 1; the overall social return on investment for Cambridge Global Health Partnerships was 3 to 1.
[2] Based on Personal and Professional Development Questionnaire responses provided by volunteers upon their return.